LabVIEW VI to auto detect Arduino Microcontroller connected to your computer through USB Advertisements

I will show how to synchronize the Arduino YUN board in Access Point (AP) configuration by using the client browser clock.

Projectile Motion Animated

  I will try to use modern tools to illustrate science concept. I want to show the awesome side of science.

QCM theory and modelling

QCM Quartz Crystal Microbalance Theory and Modelling This is a presentation that I gave at “University of Naples Federico II” in November 2013, as Scientific Coordinator of Novaetech srl. The presentation is a review about modelling and interpretation of QCM data in sensing applications. Enjoy !

Lennard - Jones Energy Potential

I am always amazed by the idea of being at the minimum. Because every physical system near the minimum is an harmonic oscillator, and we love harmonic oscillator !

Arduino Making Music

How to use an analog sensor to play psychedelic music with Arduino theremin-like prototype !

Jack Andraka invented an innovative, cheaper and sensitive sensor for the rapid and early detection of pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer, based on functionalized carbon  nanotube.