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Microbridge micromechanical resonator vibration

Eigenfrequency of micromechanical resonators for mass sensing applications

I will show the explicit calculation of the eigenfrequency of micromechanical resonators in the typical form of cantilever and bridge. The eigenfrequency is the frequency corresponding to the natural mode of vibration of the resonators and it is one of the fundamental physical characteristics for mass sensing applications. Advertisements

Projectile Motion Animated

Animated Projectile Motion

  I will try to use modern tools to illustrate science concept. I want to show the awesome side of science.

QCM theory and modelling

QCM – Quartz Crystal Microbalance Theory and Modelling

QCM Quartz Crystal Microbalance Theory and Modelling This is a presentation that I gave at “University of Naples Federico II” in November 2013, as Scientific Coordinator of Novaetech srl. The presentation is a review about modelling and interpretation of QCM data in sensing applications. Enjoy !

Lennard - Jones Energy Potential

The harmony of being at the minimum

I am always amazed by the idea of being at the minimum. Because every physical system near the minimum is an harmonic oscillator, and we love harmonic oscillator !

Intracellular water exchange for measuring dry mass of living cells

MIT scientists have demonstrated the possibility to measure dry mass, dry density and water mass of single living cells using a micromechanical resonator. 

Evidence of two distinct local structures of water

Supercooled water shows two different microscopic configurationsknown as high-density and low-density phase. This is the first experimental evidence of an intriguing theoretical hypothesis to explain the unique and fundamental behaviour of water.

What is our position in the Universe ?

What is our position in the Universe? Cosmography of the local Universe