openQCM – the open source Arduino Java project


openQCM the first open hardware quartz crystal microbalance

openQCM is the brand new open hardware quartz crystal micorbalance. The software section of the project is developed in Arduino and Java language.


Arduino is the easiest open source platform for developing hardware devices for sensing applications. Java is a cross-platform programming language, which means Java can run on any device equipped with a JVM (Java Virtual Machine). The combination of Arduino and Java features is the best choice for the development of an open hardware project.

Arduino + Java

openCM java software interface

openQCM Java software interface

Arduino firmware writes frequency data coming from the openQCM to the computer via serial port. The Java application reads the data and plot them using a real time chart.

The open source project is uploaded on GitHub repository:

All the details for setting up your computer and run the Java application are explained in the openQCM Wiki

Everyone can contribute to the development of this project or download all the resources and use as it is. Who gets inspired can copy or modify the existing project to create his own !


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