Nanomechanical resonators for the detection of airborne nanoparticle

Nanoparticle sampling on the nanomechanical resonators. Impact scheme inertial impaction and diffusive capturing. (Courtesy image 2013 SPIE A. Boisen et alii)

An inspiring paper by Anja Boisen, University of Denmark DTU Nanoprobe Group Leader , and collaborators discloses an innovative device for the measurement of mass and concentration of airborne nanoparticle.
They use something that works like a guitar strings, that changes its frequency when one modifies its length. In this case, nanomechanical resonators change their resonance frequency when a mass is attached on their surface. The harmonic oscillator is everywhere ! Thanks to a brilliant idea they’re able to measure the mass and impact position of particle on the nanomechanical resonators.

A. Boisen at alii, Detection of airborne nanoparticles with mechanical systems, SPIE international society for optics and photonics.


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