How to burn bootloader onto an Arduino board

In this brief  “how to” I will explain how to burn the bootloader onto a corrupted Arduino board using another working Arduino board.

What we need:

  • corrupted Arduino
  • working Arduino
  • a couple of  wires

That’s all ! I use Arduino Uno board, but it works also with another board.

First step

– Connect the working Arduino to PC via USB
– Select File > Examples > ArduinoISP and open ArduinoISP firmware
– Select Tools > Board > Arduino Uno
– Select Tools > Serial Port and select the COM port corresponding to working Arduino.
– Upload the ArduinoISP sketch onto the working Arduino

Now take a coffee ! Connect pin as in the figure below, and make sure to connect also a capacitor between reset and ground pin of the working arduino.


 Second step

– The working Arduino is still connected to PC via USB
– Select Tools > Board > and choose Arduino board NOT working
– Select Tools >Programmer > Arduino as ISP

You are now one click away from the solution ! Select Tools > Burn Bootloader and you’ve successfully burn the bootloader onto the corrupted Arduino !


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