Radioactive wild boar found in Italy


What is happening to the wild boar in Italy ?
27 wild boar in Valsesia (North Italy) reveal high contamination caused by cesium 137, a radioactive waste of uranium fission.
It is not clear how contamination would has occurred, since Italy doesn’t have any nuclear centrals now. The regional istitution for environmental monitoring  ARPA guess that the cause of contamination is the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, since a little amount of cesium 137  released during the disaster could have been absorbed by plant and fungi.
In my opinion this is very strange. If is it true, why no one has revealed the contamination until now?
In Valsesia there were a nuclear central in Trino Vercellese and Enea experimental site. ARPA ensures there is no connection between  these sites and the contamination.
Another hypothesis is the illicit trafficking of toxic waste, although there are no informations confirming that.
For further information check ARPA Twitter profile and news section (in italian).


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